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All these changes.....

Change is everywhere. Our lives are full of intersections, asking us to turn left, or turn right, or are we supposed stay straight on? These "opportunities" (gah!) are continually presented as we try to work with the universe's modifications to our lives with changes to aging parents, growing children, our (in?)ability to learn new technology, the wonderful and horrible ebb and flow of friendships, learning our own aging selves, loss of loved ones (we miss you everyday Ally), changes in jobs and careers. We’re simply forced to navigate these.... and daily at that.

So, we must find ways to keep calm and carry on. How? Life has certainly given me some zingers, but I've learned that with faith, friends, and a healthy dose of humor, we humans are truly resilient. Look around, you’ll find great ways changes are happening every day. We’re learning new things, creating a world with new friends and new hobbies (or improving hobbies or friendships we've neglected), we look in the mirror with less cringe that our 17-year-old self isn’t looking back (yet cheering that fact too), we are accepting that our parents did the best they could and remember that they, too, are missing that 17-year-old looking back at them (both in our face and their mirrors). We learn to laugh more, judge less, forgive quicker and cherish time spent with those we love spending time with.

As we approach the close of yet another superbly odd year, I’ve updated my playlist to include the most beautiful song about ending relationships, Please Read the Letter” (from Robert Plant and Alison Kraus’s 2007 Raising Sand) and I continue to pray for us all to have an overabundance of patience, peace, and grace and to continue to #cthingsdifferently.

Have a great Thanksgiving season, y'all,

Christie & Owly


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