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Bravery - the secret sauce

Life is full of change. Some changes are welcomed, like learning to ride a bike or how to peel an apple in one long piece. Other changes that are not include finding a new job when ours has been eliminated, learning how to live with a body that is failing us and finding a way to to live without a loved one who's in Heaven. The secret sauce required for all of these changes is bravery - to step into a new space, learn a new process, trust in our intuition and grace as we evolve into the new phase of ourself.

The past year has brought us all many changes. Work environments, team activities, and personal relationships have had to shift from in-person to virtual and more efforts are required to keep those relationships active. It has been a time of getting out of our comfort zone to learn new ways of doing things.

2021 is just past the half-way point and we continue to be presented with new challenges and opportunities. My wish for each of us is that we rely on that secret sauce, creating new memories by being brave and not letting the fear control us.

Hold your head high, smile big and always try to C Things Differently.


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