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Finding my why

When I embarked on this journey to C Things Differently, the thing I kept coming back to is that one big question: What sets me apart from the other great marketers out there? What do I have to offer that is unique from everyone else? What is the “edge” an organization will enjoy when collaborating with me? I kept my head up though, looking around, talking with trusted friends and making new ones. I reconnected with fun groups I have known for years and joined new ones that are also vibrant. I asked people why they are in their field or their niche or their job even. I asked what that secret sauce is that sets them apart and I kept asking myself the same questions. Then it clicked. Passion! That is what I bring. This “thing” is what people have long commented on to me. I fondly recall conversations with others where business leaders I admire have said, “Wow, you make XYZ seem exciting. I wish my team got that excited about XYZ.” That is my Why. I help organizations find and share their brand with passion. When I am looking for new clients, new partners and new groups to work with, I remember to bring my why. This is my spark; it is what sets me apart.

When you are working on your business and your personal brand, do not forget your why. Sometimes you need help understanding it as you can be too close, so do not be afraid to ask. Each of us is unique and each business is unique. Taking the time to find the answer “why me” will give you confidence and make you smile. And when you smile, the view is even more amazing!

Thanks for reading,

*~ Christine *~

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