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Discretion, it's time

I can remember learning the word appreciate in 4th grade. We learned how to spell it, the definition, how to use it in a sentence and how to incorporate it into our personal lives and stories. I was a huge fan of spelling it; it just rhymes in my head. What we also learned to spell that year is discretion, defined as “the quality of having or showing discernment or good judgment,” and the “ability to make responsible decisions.” For me, this is also means the art of being careful with what you give and receive (and appreciate). Discretion in this sense is something many people have not learned to exercise and we can all practice a little more of.

As I am working to grow and expand C Things Differently, I find myself focused on aligning my brand with clients, vendors, groups, charities and other marketers that have the same values as I. I want to work with others that inspire and empower, I want to be a part of organizations that better the universe and like, Gracie Hart, also want world peace. And it's up to me. I am “the girl” of this C Things Differently movement, I am the one guiding this small, woman-owned business to success. So I will use my resources (time, talent and treasure) with discretion and thus demonstrate those values that reflect my professional and personal brand.

There are so many stories about poor judgement by leaders, companies putting profit over “the right thing” and excuses made for other bad behaviors. I say “enough!” What I will be doing is exercising discretion with the groups I support as well as where I spend my money and how I spend my time. I will be dedicating more of that time to self-care and meditation, I will be seeking out growing organizations that I can add value to, I will use words to help and not hinder. I will use discretion intentionally and work harder to add to the universal condition. I will appreciate. I will discern. I will enjoy these amazing views and help create more of them.

Cheers to you!

Have a wonderful day,


This view brought to you from my back porch
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