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Keep on keeping on

I'm going to be honest - this journey is not easy. So many ideas, so many dreams and goals, so many unknowns. Being an entrepreneur takes passion, perseverance, and an extraordinary amount of patience. Some days I scratch my head wondering, “when will I close this deal”, “how will I reach my target audience”, and how will I “keep on keeping on.”

Don't get me wrong, I've made GREAT strides. This little creation is legit - it has a proper ID number, diversity certification, it's own D&B number, and it has clients. But wearing all the hats can be challenging - contracts, accounting, marketing and always, always, always selling. I find myself looking around for new inspiration. I look for those that have done amazing things with zeal and passion, creating, relying on their own strength and perseverance.

And then I found this Japanese puffer fish (please click to watch). This little guy just keeps at it, making this beautiful creation on the ocean floor, he works day in and day out until complete and it is an amazing, breath taking creation. I am reminded that I can do this. I can keep on keeping on and continue to C Things Differently.

Thank you for the inspiration as you keep on keeping on. The views truly are amazing.

Japanese puffer fish's amazing creation - thank you BBC

Thanks for reading,

*~ Christine ~*

Disclaimer: I don't just look on the ocean floor for inspiration. I am so very blessed to have a wonderful network of people - my loving family, so many wonderful friends, and my beautiful NAWIC sisters - that listen, guide and inspire me. You are each and every one amazing. Thank you. Love y'all!

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