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Brand Identity

Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

We take a methodical approach with refreshing your brand,
helping ensure the image customers have is a match to the identity you have created.

Finding your why

There was a purpose.  A Why!  Your why.  What was your spark?  What started this business which is your business?  What was that "thing" that you kept feeding and nurturing.  Let's talk about that!

CTD will help you find your why, what you love, the fuel for this passion project
CTD will help create your business's brand identity with the right elements.

Creating a palette

From this great purpose, a business identifies core values, a mission and a vision.  You have a great start, let us visit these topics with you and solidify the building blocks of your brand.

Don't worry

Not sure where or how to start with your brand identity.  Don't worry.  C Things Differently will work with you and ask the good questions and together we'll craft your brand identity.  Let's talk - it'll be a great time!

CTD is an easy partner to work with - we'll ask the questions and take the notes.  Together we can d