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I'm ready for this new year

Always setting the bar to simply look out and C Things Differently
Sunrise with Grace

Week 5 is coming to an end and this new year, while young still, has already asked quite a bit of us. The pandemic continues to rage on and affect so many families, Mother Nature has been exceptionally turbulent, and the entire global ecosystem feels intensely fragile. Close to home, job changes are afoot as a long term contract has come to a close and now I must decide to join a firm or up the search for new clients. And despite the passage of time, the gap in our lives from a special missing loved one is still so expansive. All this makes for a bumpy ride into 2022.

BUT blessings are all around as well. Having time to unplug and reconnect with my little family has been beautiful. Exploring the wonderful communities that are near has been amazing fun. Taking time out to soak up a gorgeous sunrise or sunset is so worthwhile, both here are breathtaking and most enjoyed with our trusty furry girl. This unexpected "time off" has also allowed me to better get to know my new friends and reconnect with lifelong ones (sorry you guys, I know I have been neglectful). I am also making more conscious decisions related to healthier mental, physical, and spiritual practices. I'm learning to be comfortable with being happy and accept that it's ok to be sad.

I am most grounded and productive when I remember these blessings and choices while still being realistic, resourceful, and present.

So, year 2022, I am ready. I will strive to live with grace (and Grace), keep my head up and a smile on my face. I will stay connected with family, friends, and nature, reveling in, and praying for each. And I will have my eyes wide open, ready to take in the amazing views I am so lucky to have. I hope you will do the same.

Stay healthy, stay connected, and continue to C Things Differently.



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