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Happy Birthday Kentucky

June 1, 2018 is the 226th birthday of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Kentucky holds a special place in my heart, having spent my formative years there (and then some) and I am proud to refer it as home. Originally, it was a part of the Commonwealth of Virginia, where I now live. Funny that!

Some interesting facts about this beautiful place include it being the home of the Kentucky Derby, the world’s longest cave system with appropriately named Mammoth Cave, some of the world’s best bourbon, and views out of this world. The terrain varies greatly across the more than 40,000 square miles to include mountains and gorges, rivers and rolling hills and is home to some of the planet’s most picturesque farms.

Kentuckians have worked hard to bring business to the state, encourage tourism and retain the split between north and south (if you are from there, you know you can say y’all and still deny being Southern).

Some say the name comes from Shawnee or Algonquian and means Land of our Fathers and I like this definition. I am proud to hail from Kentucky, a land where my father (and mother) taught me so much, notably to take time to soak in the views and change my stars if I felt so inclined. Thanks to y’all I AM C’ing Things Differently and the views are amazing!

Happy Birthday Kentucky!

with my granddaughter at the Osage Tree at Ft Harrod

My granddaughter and I enjoying the historic Osage Tree at Fort Harrod.

Thanks for reading,

~ Christine

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