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Summer Travel 2018

June is here, which means the season of long weekends and longer vacations has begun. Because we Americans live in a land of highways and byways, many of us will be traveling by car this summer. With a gallon of gas at $2.94, 20% less than 2017, we can spend a little more on snacks or just save a bit for the next trip.

I grew up with these road trips with visits to grandparents, to state and national parks, and to many the wonderful museums such as those in Washington, D.C. My parents made the most out of these car rides. I can remember miles of trivia, games of Eye Spy, announcements of cows and horses, occasionally singing Bennie and the Jets, and some of the best conversations. It was a time of togetherness; the journey was a fun part of the adventure.

My family and I are making plans for summer travel now. From our new home in Virginia, some easy choices include the Smithsonian (one or all), Luray Caverns, Williamsburg and the shores at Virginia Beach. These trips should be fun, we are all music buffs, enjoy some trivia and there are many things to catch up on thanks to our busy schedules. Our crew will be making concerted efforts to put down the devices so we can take in the views and C Things Differently during Summer Travels 2018.

Thanks for reading,

~ Christine

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