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And so it begins

Brand management, I've learned that this not something every organization does and for those that do, not always well. It's the big chunks and the tiny bits. It's the tangible corporate culture with the colors and the logos plus the alignment with the healthy customers and vendors. And it's having the right philanthropic touch. As I am helping others with this, I'm also managing my own brand.

I keep reminding myself that the presentation and delivery are fluid, these are living aspects of a business and they are changeable. But my vision remains the same - to use my skills in brand management to help others realize their WHY.

And the view is GREAT - sunglasses and sunblock are needed but so are the umbrella and wellies. Butterflies have become my friends but my lovely spirit animal (the wonderful owl) and I are off on this amazing adventure together.

Thanks for reading and cheers to your view!

~ Christine



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